ButcherBlock Countertops

At Northern Michigan Hardwoods, we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship when it comes to your kitchen. This is why we offer only the finest collection of natural butcher block material for your home. With our careful selection of each hardwood material, we can ensure the durability and functionality of each block. Our butcher blocks embody the essence of quality manufacturing while satisfying the aesthetic appeal you desire.

We offer 2 construction styles of butcher blocks: End Grain and Edge Grain. Depending on your needs, we will help you determine which style is appropriate for you.

End Grain

With their high level of durability, End Grain butcher blocks are perfect for your chopping needs. They are made of giving wood fibers, keeping your knives sharper for longer. These blocks will also visually outlast other styles, as they are excellent at hiding knife marks. Our selection of End Grain blocks is available in a variety of patterns, thicknesses and species.

Edge Grain

This style of block is a great choice for counter tops. Each block consists of long, thin strips of wood that come together to create a stable and unique surface.

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