Chelsea Prefinished Flooring

Chelsea Plank Flooring is a line of 34 unique plank products featuring a satin smooth finish in 7 species, multiple colors, in clear and character grades. Each product is available in 3-4-5" pattern plank or single width. Some of the products also have 6" plank available. This product line is finished with a system called Titanium Tuff SSR Flex. This finish system is a UV cured urethane finish designed and tested extensively to expand and shrink with the flooring as the seasonal humidity changes. Most other factory finishes are too hard to withstand the seasonal changes in plank flooring and can fail as a result. Titanium Tuff SSR Flex also has a scratch resistant coating to reduce scratches and is very abrasion resistant. With proper maintenance this finish will provide decades of use without the need for re-sanding and refinishing the floor.





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