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It's easy talking green. But around here, we live it. Wood is our livelihood. We make certain that we take the extra step in everything we do to eliminate waste and maximize our resources. One of the many ways that we do this is by using all of our wood fall-off from our manufacturing facility and grind it into landscape mulch. Talk about recycling!

Mulch holds moisture, slows down the growth of weeds, and maintains even soil temperatures. It also makes your flower beds look great. We offer Hardwood Mulch, Cedar Mulch and Pine Blend Mulch.

Helpful tip: One cubic yard = nine 3 cf. bags and covers approximately 100 sq.ft. at 3 inches deep. (see our mulch calculator)

Platinum Mulch

Our Platinum Mulch is a single ground hardwood mulch, blonde in color due to the removal of the bark before grinding. This mulch will brighten and warm up the look of your yard and flower gardens, while keeping the soil cool and moist to stimulate great plant growth.

Premium Hardwood Mulch

Our Premium Hardwood Mulch is a double-processed product that is medium brown in appearance. Because of its natural color, it tends to accent most plants better than some of the lighter colored mulches. This mulch will decompose and break down, acting as a natural soil conditioner.

Black Gold Hardwood Mulch

Our Black Gold Mulch is a triple processed hardwood product with a higher bark content. This mulch is dark brown in appearance and finer in texture - which makes this mulch easy to work with and spread.

Cedar Mulch

Our Cedar Mulch is single processed PURE Cedar with a reddish blonde appearance. It is frequently recommended as the wood contains a natural oil that tends to deter insects.

Pine Blend Mulch

Our Pine Blend Mulch is single processed pine bark blended with hardwood bark. This mulch is reddish-brown in appearance and great for annual flower gardens.

Shredded Bark

Our shredded bark is a single processed hardwood bark with a medium brown appearance. It is light weight, spreads easily, beneficial to all types of plants and is long lasting.

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