Hidden behind the name "Northern Michigan Hardwoods" is a story of one man in Northern Michigan who started a small, independent logging operation and steadily built it into a budding business that today includes a forestry crew, sawmill, dry kiln, molding department, and a new, large showroom. Owner Phil Manthei is committed to producing the finest in hardwood products while operating with the highest standards of integrity. In 1979, Phil Manthei started a small logging operation in Petoskey, MI with the vision of sustainable harvesting-selectively harvesting only mature trees to keep the forests healthy and growing. Responsible forest management is of the utmost importance to Northern Michigan Hardwoods. From the beginning, the logging crew utilized horses to skid logs in order to reduce the impact of excessive machinery in the timber stand. Staff forester Steve Maniaci joined the team in the early 1990s, and his careful direction and commitment to environmental quality has ensured that each timber stand harvested by the NMH crew is well managed and will be healthy and productive for the landowners in the future. The company experienced a significant expansion in 1987 when Phil added a full sawmill to the logging business, and with the sawmill came the birth of the company's name, "Northern Michigan Hardwoods, Inc." The sawmill continued to grow and expand over the years, adding a dry kiln in the early 1990s and, just a few years later, a molding department for producing hardwood flooring, paneling, and finished lumber. Every part of the tree is utilized in the sawing and finishing process, and even the bark and scrap wood is manufactured into premium double-ground hardwood mulch. Since Northern Michigan Hardwoods completes the whole process from harvesting the trees to creating the finished product, they can say with confidence, "We know hardwoods inside and out!" And with a Northern Michigan Hardwoods floor, you can truly feel the forest in your floor. Northern Michigan Hardwoods' commitment to quality shows in every step of the process. From the harvesting, milling, drying and processing of the lumber to the final installation in the customer's home, the staff of Northern Michigan Hardwoods makes sure their high standards are maintained. Their commitment to quality also shows in the attention the customer receives from their sales and service staff to guarantee full satisfaction. In November of 2005, Northern Michigan Hardwoods expanded again, beginning construction on a new, large showroom and expanding its product line. The goal of owner Phil Manthei was to gather various skilled artisans together in one place in order to provide a comprehensive line of interior wood products for the home. Northern Michigan Hardwoods manufactures its own hardwood mulch, kiln dried lumber (available both rough and dimensional), wall paneling, and hardwood flooring. Throughout the company's different phases of growth, Phil Manthei's commitment to quality, service, and integrity have remained an integral part of the company's vision.

Our Mission

Everything we do is inspired by our enduring mission: * Excellence: We believe in striving for excellence in everything we do. * Service: We believe in serving our customers and community in a manner that we ourselves would like to be served. * Trust: We believe in earning your trust by delivering what we promise and exceeding your expectations. Every time. * Environment: We believe it is our duty to help sustain a healthy environment, both in the forest and in the home. For our generation and the generations to come. To achieve sustainable growth, we have established a vision with clear goals. * People: Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. * Product: Providing a valuable product to our customers. * Profit: Attaining a profit that will finance company growth and finance the needed resources to gain a competitive advantage within the industry. We are guided by values that we will live by as a company and as individuals. * Integrity: Standing firm for what we believe in all circumstances. * Leadership: Helping create a better future for everyone. * Innovation: Continually seeking fresh ideas. * Quality: We do what we do well.

Northern Michigan Hardwoods Inc.

5151 Manthei Rd.

Petoskey, MI 49770